About Paul J. Williams

Welcome to the wonderful world of Paul J. Williams!

Paul J. Williams

Born as a “surprise baby”, Paul J. is the much younger sibling to two older brothers. Raised in San Antonio, Texas, Paul J. discovered that, as an often teased high school band/choir/drama nerd, humor was going to have to be his weapon of choice in defending himself against the other kids. Gratefully, adding humor to an already talented adolescent solidified the foundation for the actor/singer/comic that Paul J. Williams is today.

Following in his brothers’ footsteps and in keeping with his Southern Baptist upbringing, Paul J. attended Baylor University. Wild dreams to become an international banker led Paul J. to major in Business and study German, ultimately graduating with a degree in Marketing. A few years of toiling in the business world convinced Paul J. that his calling in life was to pursue his first love of performing.

Since then, Paul J.’s story has included six years with a comedy/improv group called LESS MISERABLE, numerous theater roles in both musicals and plays, six years of honing his comedy craft in New York City, countless appearances as a stand-up comic across the country, a cable network comedy special appearance, performances with various professional choral ensembles and a continuing run as a featured entertainer on cruises for RSVP Vacations.

You may be wondering, why the insistence on the middle initial all the time? In the tradition of John F. Kennedy, Susan B. Anthony and Michael J. Fox, Paul J. Williams uses his middle initial as part of his name. As a child who grew up in the ‘70s, Paul J. was constantly compared to the famous songwriter/actor/singer whose name he shared. Tiring of the “you look much shorter on TV” comments in adulthood, this Paul Williams began using the “J” to assert some individuality. And for those who wonder, it stands for Jaroy. Feel free to ask him where that came from.

One other thing that is unique to Paul J. is his character work. Aside from being a character actor on stage and commercials, Paul J. has developed and honed two very distinct comedy characterizations that have kept him busy and in demand. First, a character originally inspired by Dana Carvey’s brilliant “Church Lady” character, Sister Helen Holy is Paul J.’s most well-known alter-ego. Ministering on behalf of the fictitious First Southern Fried Self-Satisfied Babatist Church, Sister Helen has appeared at private parties and corporate events ranging from bawdy club gigs to performing for such captain of industry as Ross Perot, Nancy Brinker, and the Susan G. Komen for the Cure Foundation. Secondly, inspired by the strong Texas women he’s met over the years, Nelda Pickens is a bee-hived, gravelly-voiced, chain-smoking realtor bent on turning the real estate world and it’s unique terminology.

Miss Ellie

Miss Ellie – Paul J’s classic Cadillac Eldorado

In his spare time, Paul J. is an avid classic car buff, owns a 1971 Cadillac Eldorado Convertible, and is a member of Classic Chassis Car Club in Dallas.